Take Flight Interactive demo – add a virtual flight instructor to your home flight simulator

TakeFlight Academy is real, artificial intelligence-based practical flight training, with the same guidance of a human flight instructor. Get unlimited access to self-guided, interactive flight lessons anytime, anywhere. Master flight maneuvers with this structured simulator training application and reduce training hours on the flight deck. Individual 1-year subscription. TakeFlight Academy is an instructional overlay on your simulator (see below for compatibility). The easy-to-use interface and on-simulator curriculum guides you step-by-step. When you select a maneuver, the Virtual Flight Instructor loads the emulator with the aircraft pre-configured, pre-positioned and ready to fly. You can repeat FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS) maneuvers quickly, spending as much time as needed to reach mastery. Each lesson provides a detailed briefing, verbal guidance, and real-time feedback based on your performance, followed by detailed objective scoring. You’ll know exactly how you did, and where to improve. And with unique Training, Evaluation, and challenging scenarios to take engagement to the next level. Whether in the air or on the sim, you’ll become a better, safer pilot with TakeFlight Academy.

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