Flight Simulator Buyer’s Guide—2022 edition

With 2022 coming to a close, it’s easy to say that digital pilots are borderline spoiled. There are hundreds of hardware options to help our simulated aircraft get airborne, ranging from $40 up to five-figure platforms. Starting fresh and finding the right option for your configuration can be somewhat intimidating, and that’s why we put together the 2022 Flight Sim Buyers Guide. 

What aircraft are included in the new X-Plane 12?

The team at Laminar Research has long been working on improving the X-Plane platform and just recently the newest version debuted, X-Plane 12. But what good is a flight simulator if you don’t have great aircraft to fly? Enjoy a quick review of the aircraft changes from X-Plane 11 to X-Plane 12.

What’s the best Logitech flight stick for digital fighter jets?

Too often the term “simmer” (someone who uses a program for simulation/training purposes) is substituted with “gamer.” It’s important to distinguish what camp today’s mission applies to, but as Jack Nicholson taught us 40 years ago, all work and no play makes for an unhappy situation.

Best flight sim: Microsoft Flight Simulator vs. X-Plane (part 2)

Edition one of this blog series covered the technical aspects and computer requirements to run each of these programs. Now we’ll focus on what each program offers within your first five minutes of firing it up. 

Comparing Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane (part 1)

The purpose of this three part blog is to grade Microsoft Flight Simulator versus X-Plane on a wide range of features. Each program has its strengths as well as its weaknesses and it’s worth researching those before financially committing to a software trainer. Edition one of this blog will focus on the differences you need to know before buying either program.

Logitech Flight Simulator Joystick—Product PIREP

One of the most popular flight simulator hardware controls we…

What are the best flight simulator yokes and rudder pedals?

Since being reintroduced in 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator has reinvented the flight simulator world. To make it more than a game, though, you'll need the right hardware. Here are our top picks for yokes and rudder pedals, any of which can transform MSFS into a valuable training tool. All of these work with X-Plane as well.

Which controls work with Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox?

Microsoft Flight Simulator has reinvigorated the flight sim world, with stunning graphics and a growing community. Now it's available on Xbox, but not every control system is compatible. Join Sporty's flight sim expert Chris McGonegle as he explains the options.

Thrustmaster HOTAS One – Flight Simulator Stick PIREP

The Thrustmaster brand was born over 30 years ago from a team of engineers and pilots with backgrounds in the US Air Force, Navy, and NASA. Their core values of “Passion, Quality and Innovation” are evident in the Thrustmaster HOTAS One Flight Simulator Stick.

Flight sim hardware – what do customer reviews tell us?

I’m a numbers guy. I believe a leading reason I enjoy aviation…