Welcome to Flight Simulation Webinar – comparing Microsoft, X-Plane, and Infinite Flight

Flight simulators have exploded in popularity over the last year. With new software options, impressive flight controls, and EFB app integration, it has never been easier to use a home flight simulator for real training (in addition to fun). In this fast-paced webinar, Chris McGonegle, a commercial pilot and Sporty’s flight simulator expert, will discuss […]

Using a home simulator for IFR proficiency webinar

Home flight simulators offer a wealth of training situations to sharpen a pilot’s aircraft operating skills. Instrument flying is one of the most valuable scenarios we can practice in a standard home simulator that will translate to the physical aircraft. Join Sporty’s own Chris McGonegle as he covers how to configure Instrument flights in Microsoft […]

Sporty’s VFR Scenarios for X-Plane 12 – how to install and get started

Ready to go from game to learning? Here’s how to install Sporty’s X-Plane VFR Scenarios on your home computer. – Sporty’s X-Plane VFR Scenarios: https://www.sportys.com/sporty-s-x-pl… – Flight Sim Products: https://www.sportys.com/flight-simula… – Sporty’s Pilot Gear: https://www.sportys.com/

Microsoft Flight Simulator Overview

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the most popular flight simulation program on the market. Join Sporty’s own Chris McGonegle as he covers some of the lesser known native features MSFS offers to users. Topics: Flight Planning Flight Training Landing Challenges Bush Trips Maverick 40th Anniversary Content Marketplace Computer Needs

X-Plane 12 Overview

According to PC Gamer, X-Plane 12 is the “most realistic flight simulator” available. Join Sporty’s own Chris McGonegle as he covers some of the lesser known native features in X-Plane 12. Topics: Homepage Navigation New Flights Weather Settings Flight School Computer Needs

Flight Simulator Scenarios

Today’s flight simulators offer a vast opportunity of places to fly, aircraft to pilot, and scenarios to experience. Join Sporty’s own Chris McGonegle as he covers some of advantageous scenarios and practices to make sure you get the most from a flight simulator. Topics: Failures (MSFS vs. XP12) Live Weather (MSFS vs. XP12) VFR Maneuvers […]

Flight Simulators 201 – Advanced Flight Simulator Tips (Software and Hardware options)

Join Sporty’s own Chris McGonegle as he covers the advanced tips for using an at-home simulator. All too often digital pilots are looking for the best way to use a simulator to mimic or assist in real world aviation training. Sporty’s carries over 80 flight simulator products between multiple categories. Better understand how to use […]

X-Plane 12 hands-on demo – new airplanes, new scenery, new options (flight simulator tips)

X-Plane has been aviation’s most realistic flight simulator for the past decade, with incredibly life-like scenery, detailed cockpits, and realistic aerodynamic modeling. It’s our preferred option for pilots who need an at-home training tool. The latest version is a major upgrade, with an update to the aerodynamic profiles in the digital world as well as […]

How to toggle Replay Mode in X-Plane – record and play back your flight simulator flights

X-Plane 12 offers a lot of features that distinguish the program as a simulator rather than a game. One way pilots can utilize X-Plane 12 is through the native Toggle Replay Mode. Review and critique landings, takeoffs, approaches, stalls, etc. with a couple clicks of the mouse. Take the review inside or outside the aircraft […]

Flight sim’s early days and cross-country flying, with Bruce Williams – Pilot’s Discretion (ep. 30)

Bruce Williams had a front row seat to some exciting developments in flight simulators, working at Microsoft as their program grew from a simple DOS program to a visually stunning virtual world. He offers some practical tips for using a sim for home training (have a plan, don’t stress about the controls) and weighs in on the “game vs. simulator” debate.

How to change weather settings in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Editing the weather settings within Microsoft Flight Simulator is easier than most know. While flying the digital aircraft, we can change wind speeds, cloud heights, even the barometric settings. Set the cloud ceilings for your favorite IFR approach 20 feet above the minimums and enjoy the challenge!

Honeycomb Bravo Flight Sim Throttle – F/A-18 Super Hornet Configuration (be your own Top Gun!)

  The Honeycomb Bravo is a realistic and flexible hardware option for flight simmers looking for the ultimate throttle quadrant. Follow Sporty’s own Chris McGonegle as he walks us through the steps for configuring the Honeycomb Bravo with the commercial two engine levers for the F/A-18 Super Hornet in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Coverage includes throttles, […]