Sporty’s Private Pilot Flight Sim Training Guide

Thank you for your recent flight simulator hardware purchase from Sporty’s Pilot Shop. For Learn to Fly Month we’re excited to gift our Private Pilot Flight Sim Training Guide to eligible customers to assist in using a flight simulator for real world flight understanding. This guide includes 14 detailed lessons that work seamlessly with Sporty’s Training Course Outline within the Learn to Fly Course.

Sporty’s Flight Sim Training Guide – A TCO or Training Course Outline was instrumental to every flight during my training. It helped me to understand what I could expect during the lesson, the maneuvers we would fly in the aircraft, and locations for extra reading or review. Now you can bring that same structure to your simulator flights, with our detailed Flight Sim Training Guides—digital versions of what’s used by each student pilot training at Sporty’s Academy, our flight school. You’ll need to load the simulator in a Cessna 172, or similar training aircraft, and this guide will give you the outline for a productive and educational flight. This Training Course Outlines was designed with Microsoft Flight Simulator in mind, but it’s easily usable with X-Plane, Prepare3D or Infinite Flight.  

Sporty's Flight Sim Training Guide - Private Pilot












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