X-Plane Sporty's VFR Maneuvers

Thank you for your order of Sporty’s X-Plane VFR Scenarios! We hope you enjoy all 26 maneuvers included between the Intro section, VFR #1 and VFR #2 section. If you’re a Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course owner you’ll additionally benefit from a link within each maneuver’s briefing page that will take you directly into a computer generated HD video of how the maneuver should be flown, just before you fly it yourself in X-Plane. Certain maneuvers feature added layers of challenge (short field takeoff with a wall to clear, instrument conditions for GPS course tracking, etc.) and each maneuver includes images of the different phases of a maneuver, a detailed briefing and expected parameters. Included maneuvers below.

  • Steep Turns (Intro)
  • S-Turns Along a Road (intro)
  • KLUK 21L ILS Approach (Intro)
  • Normal Takeoff and Climb (VFR #1)
  • Short-Field Takeoff and Climb (VFR #1)
  • Soft-Field Takeoff and Climb (VFR #1)
  • Clearing Turns (VFR #1)
  • Slow Flight – Cruise Configuration (VFR #1)
  • Slow Flight – Landing Configuration (VFR #1)
  • Power Off Stalls – Cruise Configuration (VFR #1)
  • Power Off Stalls – Landing Configuration (VFR #1)
  • Rectangular Course (VFR #1)
  • Traffic Pattern Entry Procedures (VFR #1)
  • Normal Approach and Landing (VFR #1)
  • Short-Field Approach and Landing (VFR #1)
  • Soft-Field Approach and Landing (VFR #1)
  • Crosswind Takeoff and Climb (VFR#2)
  • Rejected Takeoff (VFR#2)
  • Power-On Stalls – Specified Configuration (VFR#2)
  • VOR Intercept and Track (VFR#2)
  • Navigation Systems – GPS (VFR#2)
  • Turns Around a Point (VFR#2)
  • Steep Turns – Commercial (VFR#2)
  • Crosswind Approach and Landing (VFR#2)
  • Forward Slip to a Landing (VFR#2)
  • Go-Around (VFR#2)
  • Emergency Approach and Landing (VFR#2)

2/20/2023 Update: We’ve recently updated the program to work with Macintosh computers using the M1 and M2 chips. If you have the previous version and are running into issues getting the add-on working, download the new version by clicking on the “download” button below and proceed with normal installation.

We’ve additionally included a getting started guide as well as pdf documents containing the briefing text for each maneuver. Intended for those who would like to print out maneuver descriptions and reference them as they fly each maneuver.

For maneuver performance analysis we highly recommend connecting your simulator to either ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot to track flights on an EFB. For more information on connecting an EFB to a simulator click here.

Click here to download Sporty’s X-Plane VFR Maneuvers