Flight simulator yokes for pilots – how to stay current while you’re at home (Logitech, Honeycomb)

A home flight simulator system is a good way to keep your flying skills sharp when you can’t make it to the airport. Here’s a look at four popular yokes.

In this Product PIPEP, we take a look at home flight simulators from the pilot’s perspective, not the gamer’s. We’ll explain what a simulator is good for, and what it’s not good for. We’ll also review four popular yoke systems:

– CH Product Flight Sim Yoke

– Saitek/Logitech G Flight Simulator Yoke

– Honeycomb Alpha Flight Control

– Redbird Alloy Yoke

Prices range from under $150 to almost $1000, with differences in features, realism, and construction. We’ll explain what the tradeoffs are and how to find the right one for your home.


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