How pilots can use flight simulators to stay current – webinar recording

We all know that flight simulators can provide a huge value in flight training but they can also do damage if not used properly. In this talk, we will discuss how to use simulators effectively and how to avoid making mistakes that will degrade your flying skills. We also review the most popular hardware options for home flight simulator use.

Topics include:

– How to use flight simulators to learn effectively

– Mistakes to avoid when flying at home

– Popular flight simulator software and hardware options

– How to choose the right system to fit your needs

Jason Miller is a career CFII with more than 20 years of aviation experience and nearly 10,000 hours of instruction given. Jason is a member of the FAA safety team, an instructor for AOPA’s Air Safety Institute and has been named by the FAA as the Western Pacific CFI of the year.

Chris McGonegle is a Commercial rated pilot and a graduate of the University of Cincinnati Aviation Academy. Chris is the New Product Manager with Sporty’s Pilot shop and is hands on with all new simulator hardware Sporty’s adds to their offering.