Private Pilot Flight Sim Training Guide – Session 1

This FS Session will help you to prepare for Lesson 2 in Sporty’s Private Pilot TCO Scenario: You are preparing to depart on a local pleasure flight. Complete your before takeoff checks and depart the airport using a normal takeoff. Climb straight ahead to exit the traffic pattern. Continue a climb to 3500 feet and proceed east to a nearby lake. Circle around the lake while maintaining 3500 feet. Descend to 2000 feet while continuing to circle the lake to get a better view. Return to the airport and enter the traffic pattern. Complete a normal landing and exit the runway at the first available taxiway.

0:00 – Intro

0:26 – Cold Start

2:58 – Run-up

5:14 – Runway 22 Departure

10:00 – Approaching the Lake

12:50 – Descending to 2500 Feet

17:25 – Back to Clermont County Airport

18:56 – Left Downwind Runway 22

20:46 – Final Runway 22

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