Logitech G Flight Simulator Yoke and Throttle – Pilot Report

Logitech G YokeThe Logitech Yoke and Throttle is the most popular yoke option here at Sporty’s, and rightfully so. Since we added it to our flight simulator line in early 2008, it’s been a staple of the digital aviation community due to some unique features, an easily configurable design, and a great price. Below are a few of the reasons we like to recommend it to all levels of flight simulation enthusiasts. 

The first feature that most pilots will notice is the digital timer on the front face of the yoke, which can be configured to display local time, or a count up timer with simple start/stop and reset buttons. The clock is helpful if you’d like a blatant reminder as to how fast time flies by when digitally flying with this yoke, but the timer is also great if you are flying timed holds or a timed approach. A lot of pilots pay for this feature with the Sporty’s Flight Gear Timer and Logitech took advantage of the demand for this helpful feature by incorporating it into their flagship product.

USB hubAnother great feature of the Logitech Yoke and Throttle is that the Throttle quadrant plugs directly into the yoke hub with a 57” cord, which reduces the number of ports required to plug into a PC. The cord length is a helpful feature from Logitech because it allows us ample room to customize the layout of our digital flight deck. Interested in practicing right seat operations and you’d like to switch the yoke to the right hand and engine management to the left? Simply configure the throttle quadrant to the left side of your desk and you’re ready to fly.

A feature that shows Logitech was thinking beyond the initial purchase is the customization of the hardware components involved with the Logitech Yoke and Throttle. In addition to multiple USB-A type ports included in the yoke hub for cord organization, we can easily convert our flight profile from a single engine complex airplane to a multiengine airplane by adding an additional Logitech Flight Simulator Throttle and reconfiguring the levers to dual throttle, propeller, and mixture. The ease with which multiengine controls can be configured means it’s inexpensive to upgrade the realism of your flight simulation while also opening the door to the multi emergency practice of “identify, verify, feather.”

Logitech stackLastly, if you would like to add some of the Logitech-branded peripherals to your yoke (Switch PanelMulti Panel, or Radio Panel), the six screws atop the yoke can be interchanged for each one of the aforementioned panels and their design compatibility allows them to build upon each other, giving options to continuously customize your home build towards your desired preference.

The Logitech Yoke and Throttle has been a foundational piece for the flight simulator department at Sporty’s Pilot Shop. With constant positive customer reviews and the ease of plug and play compatibility with prominent flight simulator software, this yoke and throttle system  is sure to assist in digital flight for all experience levels.

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To learn more about the Logitech Yoke and Throttle please enjoy our video PIREP: