Thrustmaster TPR Rudder Pedals for flight simulators – Product PIREP

The Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder (TPR) Pedals are a superb balance of design, ingenuity, and customization to assist the demanding digital aviator in flight. The all-metal construction speaks to the durability of these pedals in addition to the sturdiness. A unique sensor system designed by Thrustmaster creates an ultra-precise and fluid flow of each pedal that’s different from the cable or cord driven competitors. The system incorporates magnets to produce a frictionless travel feel, while also reducing wear and tear generating an extended life of the product and retention of accuracy. The Pedals themselves are customizable to accommodate a pivot range of 35° and 75° in addition to foot placement. The TPR Pedals are a great addition to any pilot’s digital office and when used properly, assure many flights with coordinated rudder control. Minor assembly is required.

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