Flight Simulators – Tools or Toys for Pilots

Flight Simulators have been a popular topic over the past year. Partially because of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator program, but also because new lines of professional equipment have debuted along with training programs. Through all the increased interest, can we qualify an at home flight simulator as a tool or a toy? In this webinar Sporty’s own Chris McGonegle will discuss how pilots can best use a simulator at home, what programs are beneficial to the pilot community, and the resources we have to increase our abilities in the airplane. Chris will cover what pieces of hardware work best for different experience levels, he’ll also cover the one year old Microsoft Flight Simulator program, in addition to an in depth review of X-Plane 11, Prepar3d, and Infinite Flight.

Topics include:

– Popular flight simulator software and hardware options

– How to choose the right system to fit your needs

– How to use flight simulators to learn effectively

– Mistakes to avoid when flying at home

– Advantageous scenarios to fly with a simulator

– Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – X-Plane 11

– Prepar3d

– Infinite Flight

Chris McGonegle is a Commercial rated pilot and a graduate of the University of Cincinnati Aviation Academy. Chris is the New Product Manager with Sporty’s Pilot shop and is hands on with all new simulator hardware Sporty’s adds to their offering.