Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Simulator Yoke and Throttle – Review for pilots

The VelocityOne Yoke and Throttle from Turtle Beach delivers one of the most comprehensive solutions for an at-home flight deck. The included throttle quadrant with interchangeable heads, a dedicated trim wheel with realistic tension, and a unique 180-degree rotating yoke with integrated rudder controls make this a potent system for training and fun. Experience immersive audio and coordinate your flight through the integrated headset audio jack. The VelocityOne is compatible with both personal computers and the Xbox Series X or S series. Features: – Realistic pitch and bank control – experience true 1:1 movement on a full-size, authentic yoke with 180-degree rotational movement – Flexible throttle/prop/mixture controls – authentic Cessna-style push/pull controls for engine operation – Interchangeable quadrant heads – switch from GA-style to heavy jet thrust levers (eight heads supplied) – Integrated screen – make on-the-fly adjustments and learn the best controls for flight simulation – Multitude of control options – 12 axis controls and 42 buttons offer everything from a basic setup to complex configurations. – Integrated rudder control – extremely smooth traveling bumpers on the rear of the yoke handle for convenient access.

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