Fly the ALIA eVTOL in X-Plane 12

Ever wanted to pilot an eVTOL aircraft that has the capability to transition to a pusher propeller? Well now you can with X-Plane 12 and the digital ALIA eVTOL from BETA Technologies. With the latest version of X-Plane 12 the ALIA is included in the fleet of digital aircraft bringin the total to 23. Rated for a 250 nautical mile range and the ability to take off and land on a helipad, you’ll quickly find yourself touring areas of your hometown that wouldn’t necessarily be approachable from an airplane. Enjoy additional content below reviewing both the digital and physical versions of ALIA from BETA Technologies.

Watch X-Plane’s founder Austin Meyer review how ALIA joined the X-Plane 12 fleet

ALIA eVTOL in X-Plane 12

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Learn more about the design specs and begining of the ALIA

ALIA eVTOL Specifications

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X-Plane 12 Flight Simulator available at Sporty’s

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The new eVTOL in X-Plane 12 allows digital pilots to better understand the flight profiles of an airplane that incorporates both vertical takeoff and landing, as well as pusher forward flight. Additionally the ALIA will help anyone behind the controls appreciate the leap forward that electronic flight has made over the last decade or so, and how future flights can avoid using AvGas to transport passengers or cargo from point a to point b.